Backpressure multicast congestion control in mobile ad-hoc networks

9 years 3 months ago
Backpressure multicast congestion control in mobile ad-hoc networks
In mobile ad-hoc networks, the multicast paradigm is of central importance. It can help to save scarce medium bandwidth if packets are to be delivered to multiple destinations. We consider the problem of congestion control for multicast traffic in wireless multihop networks. We propose to apply a congestion control concept which is tailored to the very special properties of the wireless multihop medium: implicit hop-by-hop congestion control. The idea, so far only having been considered for unicast traffic, is here generalized to multicast. We implement it in the Backpressure Multicast Congestion Control (BMCC) protocol, with a focus on how to realize it in combination with geographic multicast routing in the Scalable Position-Based Multicast (SPBM) protocol. Our evaluation points out a number of highly desirable properties of the proposed scheme. In particular, it achieves and maintains high throughput and high packet delivery ratios at low packet latencies, even in the presence of s...
Björn Scheuermann, Matthias Transier, Christi
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Björn Scheuermann, Matthias Transier, Christian Lochert, Martin Mauve, Wolfgang Effelsberg
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