Bag-of-Features Codebook Generation by Self-Organisation

10 years 1 months ago
Bag-of-Features Codebook Generation by Self-Organisation
Bag of features is a well established technique for the visual categorisation of objects, categories of objects and textures. One of the most important part of this technique is codebook generation since its within-class and between-class discrimination power is the main factor in the categorisation accuracy. A codebook is generated from regions of interest extracted automatically from a set of labeled (supervised/semisupervised) or unlabeled (unsupervised) images. A standard tool for the codebook generation is the c-means clustering algorithm, and the stateof-the-art results have been reported using generation schemes based on the c-means. In this work, we challenge this mainstream approach by demonstrating how the competitive learning principle in the selforganising map (SOM) is able to provide similar and often superior results to the c-means. Therefore, we claim that exploiting the selforganisation principle is an alternative research direction to the mainstream research in visual ...
Teemu Kinnunen, Joni-Kristian Kämärä
Added 25 May 2010
Updated 25 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where WSOM
Authors Teemu Kinnunen, Joni-Kristian Kämäräinen, Lasse Lensu, Heikki Kälviäinen
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