A Bayesian Reputation System for Virtual Organizations

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A Bayesian Reputation System for Virtual Organizations
Abstract. Virtual Organizations (VOs) are an emerging business model in today's Internet economy. Increased specialization and focusing on an organization's core competencies requires such novel models to address business opportunities. In a VO, a set of sovereign, geographically dispersed organizations temporarily pool their resources to jointly address a business opportunity. The decision making process determining which potential partners are invited to join the VO is crucial with respect to entire VO's success. The possibility of a VO partner performing badly during the VO's operational phase or announcing bankruptcy endangers the investment taken in integrating their processes and infrastructure for the purpose of the VO. A reputation system can provide additional decision support besides the a priori knowledge from quotations and bidding to avoid events such as VO partner replacement by helping to choose reliable partners in the first place. To achieve this, r...
Jochen Haller
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Year 2006
Authors Jochen Haller
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