Be my guest: MCS lock now welcomes guests

4 years 5 months ago
Be my guest: MCS lock now welcomes guests
The MCS lock is one of the most prevalent queuing locks. It provides fair scheduling and high performance on massively parallel systems. However, the MCS lock mandates a bring-your-owncontext policy: each lock user must provide an additional context (i.e., a queue node) to interact with the lock. This paper proposes MCSg, a variant of the MCS lock that relaxes this restriction. Our key observation is that not all lock users are created equal. We analyzed how locks are used in massively-parallel modern systems, such as NUMA-aware operating systems and databases. We found that such systems often have a small number of “regular” code paths that enter the lock very frequently. Such code paths are the primary beneficiary of the high scalability of MCS locks. However, there are also many “guest” code paths that infrequently enter the lock and do not need the same degree of fairness to access the lock (e.g., background tasks that only run periodically with lower priority). These gue...
Tianzheng Wang, Milind Chabbi, Hideaki Kimura
Added 09 Apr 2016
Updated 09 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2016
Authors Tianzheng Wang, Milind Chabbi, Hideaki Kimura
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