Beacon-Less Geographic Routing in Real Wireless Sensor Networks

10 years 6 months ago
Beacon-Less Geographic Routing in Real Wireless Sensor Networks
Geographic Routing (GR) algorithms, require nodes to periodically transmit HELLO messages to allow neighbors know their positions (beaconing mechanism). Beacon-less routing algorithms have recently been proposed to reduce the control overhead due to these messages. However, existing beacon-less algorithms have not considered realistic physical layers. Therefore, those algorithms cannot work properly in realistic scenarios. In this paper we present a new beacon-less routing protocol called BOSS. Its design is based on the conclusions of our open-field experiments using Tmote-sky sensors. BOSS is adapted to error-prone networks and incorporates a new mechanism to reduce collisions and duplicate messages produced during the selection of the next forwarder node. We compare BOSS with Beacon-Less Routing (BLR) and Contention-Based Forwarding (CBF) algorithms through extensive simulations. The results show that our scheme is able to achieve almost perfect packet delivery ratio (like BLR) whil...
Juan A. Sánchez, Rafael Marín-P&eacu
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where JCST
Authors Juan A. Sánchez, Rafael Marín-Pérez, Pedro M. Ruiz
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