Behaviour Understanding in Video: A Combined Method

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Behaviour Understanding in Video: A Combined Method
In this paper we develop a system for human behaviour recognition in video sequences. Human behaviour is modelled as a stochastic sequence of actions. Actions are described by a feature vector comprising both trajectory information (position and velocity), and a set of local motion descriptors. Action recognition is achieved via probabilistic search of image feature databases representing previously seen actions. A HMM which encodes the rules of the scene is used to smooth sequences of actions. High-level behaviour recognition is achieved by computing the likelihood that a set of predefined Hidden Markov Models explains the current action sequence. Thus, human actions and behavrepresented using a hierarchy of abstraction: from simple actions, to actions with spatio-temporal context, to action sequences and finally general behaviours. While the upper levels all use (parametric) Bayes networks and belief propagation, the lowest level uses non-parametric sampling from a previously lear...
Neil Robertson, Ian D. Reid
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where ICCV
Authors Neil Robertson, Ian D. Reid
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