Benchmarking Publish/Subscribe-Based Messaging Systems

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Benchmarking Publish/Subscribe-Based Messaging Systems
Abstract. Publish/subscribe-based messaging systems are used increasingly often as a communication mechanism in data-oriented web applications. Such applications often pose serious performance and scalability challenges. To address these challenges, it is important that systems are tested using benchmarks to evaluate their performance and scalability before they are put into production. In this paper, we present jms2009-PS, a new benchmark for publish/subscribe-based messaging systems built on top of the SPECjms2007 standard workload. We introduce the benchmark and discuss its configuration parameters showing how the workload can be customized to evaluate various aspects of publish/subscribe communication. Finally, we present a case study illustrating how the benchmark can be used for performance analysis of messaging servers.
Kai Sachs, Stefan Appel, Samuel Kounev, Alejandro
Added 08 Nov 2010
Updated 08 Nov 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors Kai Sachs, Stefan Appel, Samuel Kounev, Alejandro P. Buchmann
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