The Berkeley Tricorder: wireless health monitoring

8 years 5 months ago
The Berkeley Tricorder: wireless health monitoring
The advancement of precision micropower amplifiers, microcontrollers, and MEMs devices have allowed for a paradigm shift from traditionally large and costly health monitoring equipment only found in hospitals or care centers to smaller, wireless, low powered portable devices that can provide continuous monitoring for a number of applications. Along these lines, we have developed a small wireless health monitoring device, named The Berkeley Tricorder, capable of monitoring a wide range of health-related signals, and have vetted it in a number of human trials. We will present a number of different real-time visualization tools that have been developed, and discuss some relevant applications for the Tricorder as a platform. Real time wireless telemetry from the device will be demonstrated. Categories and Subject Descriptors J.3 [Computer Applications]: Life And Medical Sciences-Health; B.0 [Hardware]: General General Terms Design
Reza Naima, John F. Canny
Added 23 May 2011
Updated 23 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where WH
Authors Reza Naima, John F. Canny
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