BESERIAL: Behavioural Service Interface Analyser

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BESERIAL: Behavioural Service Interface Analyser
In a service-oriented architecture, software services interact by means of message exchanges that follow certain patterns documented in the form of behavioural interfaces. As any software artifact, a service interface evolves over time. When this happens, incompatibility problems may arise. We demonstrate a tool, namely BESERIAL, that can pinpoint incompatibilities between behavioural interfaces. 1 Motivation The interface of a software service establishes a contract between the service and its clients or peers. In its basic form, a service interface defines the operations provided by the service and the schema of the messages that the service can receive and send. This structural interface can be captured for example using WSDL. In the case of conversational services that provide several inter-related operations, a service interface may also capture the inter-dependencies between these operations. Such behavioural interfaces can be described for example using BPEL business protocols, ...
Ali Aït-Bachir, Marlon Dumas, Marie-Christine
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where BPM
Authors Ali Aït-Bachir, Marlon Dumas, Marie-Christine Fauvet
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