Better security levels for broken arrows

9 years 24 days ago
Better security levels for broken arrows
This paper considers the security aspect of the robust zero-bit watermarking technique `Broken Arrows'(BA),1 which was invented and tested for the international challenge BOWS-2. The results of the first episode of the challenge showed that BA is very robust. Last year, we proposed an enhancement so-called AWC,2 which further strengthens the robustness against the worst attack disclosed during the challenge. However, in the second and third episodes of the challenge, when the pirate observes plenty of watermarked pictures with the same secret key, some security flaws have been discovered. They clearly prevent the use of BA in multimedia fingerprinting application, as suggested in.3 Our contributions focus on finding some counter-attacks. We carefully investigate BA and its variant AWC, and take two recently published security attacks4 as the potential threats. Based on this, we propose three countermeasures: benefiting from the improved embedding technique AWC; regulating the sys...
Fuchun Xie, Teddy Furon, Caroline Fontaine
Added 29 Oct 2010
Updated 29 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors Fuchun Xie, Teddy Furon, Caroline Fontaine
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