Bibliometrics to webometrics

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Bibliometrics to webometrics
Bibliometrics has changed out of all recognition since 1958; becoming established as a field, being taught widely in library and information science schools, and being at the core of a number of science evaluation research groups around the world. This was all made possible by the work of Eugene Garfield and his Science Citation Index. This article reviews the distance that bibliometrics has travelled since 1958 by comparing early bibliometrics with current practice, and by giving an overview of a range of recent developments, such as patent analysis, national research evaluation exercises, new visualisation techniques, new applications, new online citation indexes, and developments related to the creation of digital libraries. Webometrics, a modern, fast-growing offshoot of bibliometrics is reviewed in detail. Finally, future prospects are discussed with regard to both bibliometrics and webometrics.
Mike Thelwall
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Year 2008
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