Binary Rule Generation via Hamming Clustering

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Binary Rule Generation via Hamming Clustering
The generation of a set of rules underlying a classification problem is performed by applying a new algorithm, called Hamming Clustering (HC). It reconstructs the and-or expression associated with any Boolean function from a training set of samples. The basic kernel of the method is the generation of clusters of input patterns that belong to the same class and are close to each other according to the Hamming distance. Inputs which do not influence the final output are identified, thus automatically reducing the complexity of the final set of rules. The performance of HC has been evaluated through a variety of artificial and real-world benchmarks. In particular, its application in the diagnosis of breast cancer has led to the derivation of a reduced set of rules solving the associated classification problem.
Marco Muselli, Diego Liberati
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Updated 23 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Where TKDE
Authors Marco Muselli, Diego Liberati
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