Binary Translation Using Peephole Superoptimizers

10 years 10 months ago
Binary Translation Using Peephole Superoptimizers
We present a new scheme for performing binary translation that produces code comparable to or better than existing binary translators with much less engineering effort. Instead of hand-coding the translation from one instruction set to another, our approach automatically learns translation rules using superoptimization techniques. We have implemented a PowerPC-x86 binary translator and report results on small and large computeintensive benchmarks. When compared to the native compiler, our translated code achieves median performance of 67% on large benchmarks and in some small stress tests actually outperforms the native compiler. We also report comparisons with the open source binary translator Qemu and a commercial tool, Apple's Rosetta. We consistently outperform the former and are comparable to or faster than the latter on all but one benchmark.
Sorav Bansal, Alex Aiken
Added 03 Dec 2009
Updated 03 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where OSDI
Authors Sorav Bansal, Alex Aiken
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