Bio-inspiration: Learning Creative Design Principia

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Bio-inspiration: Learning Creative Design Principia
Reusing or modifying known design concepts cannot meet new challenges for engineering systems. However, engineers can find inspiration outside their traditional domains in order to develop novel design concepts. The key to progress and knowledge acquisition is found in inspiration from diverse domains. pter explores abstract knowledge acquisition for use in conceptual design. This is accomplished by considering body armor in nature and that developed in Europe in the last Millennium. The research is conducted in the context of evolution patterns of the Directed Evolution Method, which is briefly described. The focus is on conceptual inspiration. Analysis results of historic and natural body armor evolution are described and two sets of acquired creative design principia from both domains are presented. These principia can be used to stimulate the human development of novel design . In this case, creative design principia, abstract design intelligence, combined with human creativity, ma...
Tomasz Arciszewski, Joanna Cornell
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Tomasz Arciszewski, Joanna Cornell
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