Bio-inspired Computing Paradigms (Natural Computing)

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Bio-inspired Computing Paradigms (Natural Computing)
Abstract. This is just a glimpse to the fruitful and constant preoccupation of computer science to try to get inspired by biology, at various levels. Besides briefly discussing the main areas of natural computing (genetic algorithms–evolutionary computing, neural computing, DNA computing, and membrane computing), we mention some of the hopes and the difficulties/limits of this enterprise. 1 From Turing to Present Days In some sense, the whole history of computer science is the history of a series of continuous attempts to discover, study, and, if possible, implement computing ideas, models, paradigms from the way nature – the humans included – computes. We do not enter here into the debate whether or not the processes taking place in nature are by themselves “computations”, or we, homo sapiens, interpret them as computations, but we just recall the fact that when defining the computing model which is known now as Turing machine and which provides the standard by now defini...
Gheorghe Paun
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where UPP
Authors Gheorghe Paun
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