Biologically Inspired Intelligent Robots Using Artificial Muscles

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Biologically Inspired Intelligent Robots Using Artificial Muscles
Humans throughout history have always sought to mimic the appearance, mobility, functionality, intelligent operation, and thinking process of biological creatures. This field of biologically inspired technology, having the moniker biomimetics, has evolved from making static copies of human and animals in the form of statues to the emergence of robots that operate with realistic appearance and behavior. Technology evolution led to such fields as artificial muscles, artificial intelligence, artificial vision and biomimetic capabilities in materials science, mechanics, electronics, computing science, information technology and many others. One of the newest fields is the artificial muscles, which is the moniker for electroactive polymers (EAP). Efforts are made worldwide to establish a strong infrastructure for this actuation materials ranging from analytical modeling and comprehensive understanding of their response mechanism to effective processing and characterization techniques. The ...
Yoseph Bar-Cohen
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Year 2003
Authors Yoseph Bar-Cohen
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