Biologically Inspired KFLANN Place Fields for Robot Localization

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Biologically Inspired KFLANN Place Fields for Robot Localization
– This paper presents a hippocampal inspired robot localization model that provides a means for a simple robotic platform with ultrasonic sensors to localize itself. There have been published neurobiological experiments where rats were found to have hippocampal cell activations that positively correlate with the location of the animal [2, 3, 5]. Such activations found in the hippocamal region are usually called Place fields (PF) or Place cells (PC). The Place Field model presented in this paper was designed using a unique K-Means Fast Learning Artificial Neural Network (KFLANN) [13, 14, 15] and establishes a series of localization minima points that act as references for navigation. While such evidence of place cells are seen in hippocampal (CA1) and deep layers of the entorhinal cortex (EC) [4], from a literature search, it is uncertain if any applications were ever designed using this biological evidence. The intent of this paper is to focus on experimental results relevant for a p...
Alex Leng Phuan Tay
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Year 2006
Authors Alex Leng Phuan Tay
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