A Bit-Compatible Parallelization for ILU(k) Preconditioning

7 years 10 months ago
A Bit-Compatible Parallelization for ILU(k) Preconditioning
Abstract. ILU(k) is a commonly used preconditioner for iterative linear solvers for sparse, non-symmetric systems. It is often preferred for the sake of its stability. We present TPILU(k), the first efficiently parallelized ILU(k) preconditioner that maintains this important stability property. Even better, TPILU(k) preconditioning produces an answer that is bit-compatible with the sequential ILU(k) preconditioning. In terms of performance, the TPILU(k) preconditioning is shown to run faster whenever more cores are made available to it — while continuing to be as stable as sequential ILU(k). This is in contrast to some competing methods that may become unstable if the degree of thread parallelism is raised too far. Where Block Jacobi ILU(k) fails in an application, it can be replaced by TPILU(k) in order to maintain good performance, while also achieving full stability. As a further optimization, TPILU(k) offers an optional level-based incomplete inverse method as a fast approximat...
Xin Dong 0004, Gene Cooperman
Added 20 Dec 2011
Updated 20 Dec 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Authors Xin Dong 0004, Gene Cooperman
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