biXid: a bidirectional transformation language for XML

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biXid: a bidirectional transformation language for XML
Often, independent organizations define and advocate different XML formats for a similar purpose and, as a result, application programs need to mutually convert between such formats. Existing XML transformation languages, such as XSLT and XDuce, are unsatisfactory for this purpose since we would have to write, e.g., two programs for the forward and the backward transformations in case of two formats, incur high developing and maintenance costs. This paper proposes the bidirectional XML transformation language biXid, allowing us to write only one program for both directions of conversion. Our language adopts a common paradigm programming-by-relation, where a program defines a relation over documents and transforms a document to another in a way satisfying this relation. Our contributions here are specific language features for facilitating realistic conversions whose target formats are loosely in parallel but have many discrepancies in details. Concretely, we (1) adopt XDuce-style regu...
Shinya Kawanaka, Haruo Hosoya
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ICFP
Authors Shinya Kawanaka, Haruo Hosoya
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