The Block Cipher Square

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The Block Cipher Square
In this paper we present a new 128-bit block cipher called Square. The original design of Square concentrates on the resistance against di erential and linear cryptanalysis. However, after the initial design a dedicated attack was mounted that forced us to augment the number of rounds. The goal of this paper is the publication of the resulting cipher for public scrutiny.A C implementationof Square is available that runs at 2.63 MByte/s on a 100 MHz Pentium. Our M68HC05 Smart Card implementation tsin 547 bytes andtakes less than 2 msec. (4 MHz Clock). The high degree of parallellism allows hardware implementations in the Gbit/s range today.
Joan Daemen, Lars R. Knudsen, Vincent Rijmen
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Where FSE
Authors Joan Daemen, Lars R. Knudsen, Vincent Rijmen
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