Board-level multiterminal net assignment

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Board-level multiterminal net assignment
The paper presents a satisfiability-based method for solving the board-level multiterminal net routing problem in Clos-Folded FPGA based logic emulation systems. The approach transforms the FPGA board-level routing task into a single, large Boolean equation with the property that any assignment of input variables that satisfies the equation specifies a valid routing. The approach considers all nets simultaneously and the absence of a satisfying assignment implies that the layout is unroutable. We use two of the fastest SAT solvers: Chaff and DLM to perform our experiments. Empirical results show that the method is time-efficient and applicable to large layout problem instances.
Xiaoyu Song, William N. N. Hung, Alan Mishchenko,
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Type Conference
Year 2002
Authors Xiaoyu Song, William N. N. Hung, Alan Mishchenko, Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske, Alan J. Coppola, Andrew A. Kennings
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