Boolean Operations on Feature-based Models

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Boolean Operations on Feature-based Models
Boolean operations and feature-based modeling are closely linked domains. For example, several, sometimes many Boolean operations are involved during a feature instantiation or modification. So Boolean combinations are tools used “inside” feature-based modeling and it is interesting to study the way to make these operations faster or less numerous by using the fact that they are applying to features. This is the first issue this paper deals with. Symmetrically, Boolean operators may be used to combine two feature-based objects. This occurs, for example, when a genetic algorithm is used to semi-automatically generate the shape of a product from requirements. The second part of the paper tackles the Boolean operation optimization in this specific context. This includes improving Boolean operations performances and incrementally maintaining the feature-based model of the object resulting from a Boolean operation. Keywords Boolean operations, feature-based modeling, geometric and topo...
Yvon Gardan, Christian Minich, Estelle Perrin
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Updated 01 Nov 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where WSCG
Authors Yvon Gardan, Christian Minich, Estelle Perrin
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