Boosting spatial pruning: on optimal pruning of MBRs

10 years 2 months ago
Boosting spatial pruning: on optimal pruning of MBRs
Fast query processing of complex objects, e.g. spatial or uncertain objects, depends on efficient spatial pruning of the objects’ approximations, which are typically minimum bounding rectangles (MBRs). In this paper, we propose a novel effective and efficient criterion to determine the spatial topology between multi-dimensional rectangles. Given three rectangles R, A, and B in a multi-dimensional space, the task is to determine whether A is definitely closer to R than B. This domination relation is used in many applications to perform spatial pruning. Traditional techniques apply spatial pruning based on minimal and maximal distance. These techniques however show significant deficiencies in terms of effectivity. We prove that our decision criterion is correct, complete, and efficient to compute even for high dimensional databases. In addition, we tackle the problem of computing the number of objects dominating an object o. The challenge here is to incorporate objects that only ...
Tobias Emrich, Hans-Peter Kriegel, Peer Kröge
Added 18 Jul 2010
Updated 18 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors Tobias Emrich, Hans-Peter Kriegel, Peer Kröger, Matthias Renz, Andreas Züfle
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