Boundary-Optimal Triangulation Flooding

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Boundary-Optimal Triangulation Flooding
Given a planar triangulation all of whose faces are initially white, we study the problem of colouring the faces black one by one so that the boundary between black and white faces as well as the number of connected black and white regions are small at all times. We call such a colouring sequence of the triangles a flooding. Our main result shows that it is in general impossible to guarantee boundary size O(n1− ), for any > 0, and a number of regions that is o(log n), where n is the number of faces of the triangulation. We also show that a flooding with boundary size O( √ n) and O(log n) regions can be computed in O(n log n) time.
Richard J. Nowakowski, Norbert Zeh
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Richard J. Nowakowski, Norbert Zeh
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