A BPMN Case Study: Paper Review and Submission System

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A BPMN Case Study: Paper Review and Submission System
: We explore the expressiveness of the BPMN workflow modelling language by applying it to MuCoMS, a paper submission system. This well known application domain is a suitable example for demonstrating how the flow objects that the standard provides map to real-world processes and how important a proper semantic foundation is for reasoning about workflow models. 1 Background Conference organization is a representative example for processes which are highly distributed, involve a number of users with different roles, and are collaborative. Such processes are either session-based or are relatively short-term in their duration. Collaboration is based on messages among the participants. Processes can be separated into independent ones. Therefore, conference paper submission and review systems are an ideal application for demonstration of workflow specification languages and their semantic foundations [BT08] [BST09]. The process of conference organization consists of organization of paper sub...
Markus Kirchberg, Ove Sörensen, Bernhard Thal
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Type Journal
Year 2009
Where GI
Authors Markus Kirchberg, Ove Sörensen, Bernhard Thalheim
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