Brazilian public software: beyond sharing

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Brazilian public software: beyond sharing
This work presents a case of an innovative Brazilian experience of use of free software in public administration as an emergent ecosystem, and the attempt to establish a quality framework for that. It describes a new concept: the Brazilian Public Software (BPS) developed by policy makers of the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management. At the beginning of the century, Brazilian policy makers were concerned with the limitations of the Free Software Model of Production (FSMP) to provide software to public administration. Issues such as installation and operational support, quality of software (users interfaces, manuals) and bugs were not effectively solved by the FSPM alone. They then shaped a new concept, the Brazilian Public Software, which is based on code opening (FSPM), but includes some additional duties to the entity that makes the software available. To support and to make the concept operational and institutional, an environment was formed and so a virtual ambience named Bra...
A. M. Alves, Marcelo Schneck de Paula Pessôa
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Updated 20 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors A. M. Alves, Marcelo Schneck de Paula Pessôa
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