BRDF/BTF Measurement Device

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BRDF/BTF Measurement Device
Capturing surface appearance is important for a large number of applications. Appearance of real world surfaces is dif?cult to model as it varies with the direction of illumination as well as the direction from which it is viewed. Consequently, measurements of the BRDF (bidirectional re?ectance distribution function) have been important. In addition, many applications require measuring how the entire surface re?ects light, i.e. spatially varying BRDF measurements are important as well. For compactness we refer to a spatially varying BRDF as a BTF (bidirectional texture function). Measurements of BRDF and/or BTF typically require signi?cant resources in time and equipment. In this work, a device for BRDF/BTF measurement is presented that is compact, economical and convenient. The device uses the approach of curved mirrors to remove the need for hemispherical positioning of the camera and illumination source. Instead, simple planar translations of optical components are used to vary the...
Kristin J. Dana
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Year 2001
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Authors Kristin J. Dana
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