Bringing Deep Causality to Multimedia Data Streams

4 years 9 months ago
Bringing Deep Causality to Multimedia Data Streams
We live in a data abundance era. Availability of large volume of diverse multimedia data streams (ranging from video, to tweets, to activity, and to PM2.5) can now be used to solve many critical societal problems. Causal modeling across multimedia data streams is essential to reap the potential of this data. However, effective frameworks combining formal abstract approaches with practical computational algorithms for causal inference from such data are needed to utilize available data from diverse sensors. We propose a causal modeling framework that builds on data-driven techniques while emphasizing and including the appropriate human knowledge in causal inference. We show that this formal framework can help in designing a causal model with a systematic approach that facilitates framing sharper scientific questions, incorporating expert’s knowledge as causal assumptions, and evaluating the plausibility of these assumptions. We show the applicability of the framework in a an import...
Laleh Jalali, Ramesh Jain
Added 14 Apr 2016
Updated 14 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2015
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Authors Laleh Jalali, Ramesh Jain
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