Building common awareness in agent organizations

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Building common awareness in agent organizations
Groups of collaborative agents within organizations need to achieve goals creating group awareness. This is necessary for groups to act as single entities. The notion of collective belief has been used extensively in formal models for collaborative activity to deal with group awareness. However, collective belief alone is neither sufficient nor effortless for group members to act collaboratively. In human organizations, the members of a group accept that certain states hold based on shared practices and beliefs of individual agents. These acceptances are formed even if some members of the group do not believe that the corresponding states hold. This paper distinguishes between individual beliefs and group acceptances in multi-agent systems in wellorganized settings. It introduces state recognition recipes that drive groups within organizations to create common awareness, and thoroughly explains the exploitation of these recipes.
Ioannis Partsakoulakis, George A. Vouros
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Type Journal
Year 2006
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Authors Ioannis Partsakoulakis, George A. Vouros
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