Building Reconstruction - Outside and In

10 years 4 months ago
Building Reconstruction - Outside and In
The modelling or reconstruction of buildings has two aspects – on the one hand we need a data structure and the associated geometric information, and on the other hand we need a set of tools to construct the building incrementally. This paper discusses both of these aspects, but starts from the simpler exterior model and geometry determination, and then looks at representations of the building interiors. Our starting point is a set of raw LIDAR data, as this is becoming readily available for many areas. This is then triangulated in the x-y plane using standard Delaunay techniques to produce a TIN. The LIDAR values will then show buildings as regions of high elevation compared with the ground. Our initial objective is to extrude these buildings from the landscape in such a manner that they have well defined wall and roof planes. We may have already been provided with the building footprint from national mapping information, or we may need to extract it from the triangulation. We do t...
Christopher M. Gold, Rebecca O. C. Tse, Hugo Ledou
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where 3DGIS
Authors Christopher M. Gold, Rebecca O. C. Tse, Hugo Ledoux
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