Business Intelligence from Web Usage Mining

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Business Intelligence from Web Usage Mining
The rapid e-commerce growth has made both business community and customers face a new situation. Due to intense competition on the one hand and the customer's option to choose from several alternatives, the business community has realized the necessity of intelligent marketing strategies and relationship management. Web usage mining attempts to discover useful knowledge from the secondary data obtained from the interactions of the users with the Web. Web usage mining has become very critical for effective Web site management, creating adaptive Web sites, business and support services, personalization, network traffic flow analysis and so on. This paper presents the important concepts of Web usage mining and its various practical applications. Further a novel approach called "intelligent-miner" (i-Miner) is presented. i-Miner could optimize the concurrent architecture of a fuzzy clustering algorithm (to discover web data clusters) and a fuzzy inference system to analyze t...
Ajith Abraham
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Year 2004
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