Business Models for Mobile Communities

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Business Models for Mobile Communities
Communities (especially virtual communities) of Interest have been the focus of substantial discussion in academic literature. This paper addresses Communities of Interest within the leisure industry and discusses possible business models for the parties operating the platform. The described community platform is an innovative value added service concept for a mobile coordination support for individuals – A Mobile Community Support System. In this paper we extend the discussion about mobile communities to hybrid communities. The communities are hybrid in two ways: they use two different access channels, the Web and mobile devices, and they are built on real-world leisure communities that constitute themselves in the form of buddy lists in the virtual world of an ICT supported platform. The discussion on possible business models is concluded with some final remarks about future research.
Petra Schubert, J. Felix Hampe
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Petra Schubert, J. Felix Hampe
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