From The Business Motivation Model (BMM) To Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

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From The Business Motivation Model (BMM) To Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
The purpose of this article is to provide a brief insight about how to link your business vision, goals, strategies, tactics as well as business rules according to BMM, then bridging the resulting business specifications toward components of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in order to align IT according to your goals and directives. The Business Motivation Model [BMM] - Business Governance in a Volatile World was first voted by the OMG in 2005. 1 WHY SOA SERVICES NEED TO BE BASED ON THE BMM? Since the last few years, most of the emerging SOA approaches try to determine SOA services on the basis of business processes being totally disconnected from business goals and rules. In these approaches, interactions between services and internal behaviors of services are not described according to strategies, tactics and rules fixed at the business layer. As a consequence, the resulting system suffer from agility issues in aligning service descriptions to changing decisions of the managem...
Birol Berkem
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