Business Process Modeling with SIMPROCESS

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Business Process Modeling with SIMPROCESS
This paper gives an overview of business process modeling with SIMPROCESS, its applications, unique features, basic and advanced modeling constructs, and benefits. 1 WHAT IS SIMPROCESS? SIMPROCESS is a hierarchical and integrated process simulation tool that radically improves your productivity for process modeling and analysis. SIMPROCESS is designed for BPR and IT professionals of industrial and service enterprises who need to reduce the time and risk it takes to service customers, fulfill demand, and develop new products. Unlike other tools, SIMPROCESS integrates process mapping, hierarchical event-driven simulation, and activity-based costing into a single tool. The architecture of SIMPROCESS provides an integrating framework for ABC. The building blocks of SIMPROCESS, namely processes, resources, and entities (flow objects), bridges ABC and dynamic process analysis. ABC embodies the concept that a business is a series of inter-related processes, and that these processes consist o...
Scott Swegles
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