CAC investigation for video and data

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CAC investigation for video and data
A key objective of ATM-based networks is to provide at the same time guaranteed QoS to real time and non-real time services. This calls for thoroughly engineered traffic control methods for those service categories as well as for the overall integration strategy. The main objective of this paper is to investigate CAC in an ATM testbed with real switches and as realistic traffic as possible. The used traffic is video (MPEG model based on traces) and data modelled as traditional on/off sources. The video traffic is given priority over the data traffic. To complement and verify the experiments, two simulation tools using as input the artificial MPEG models and the real traces have been developed. The CAC boundary for the nonpriority case has also been derived analytically. The experimental sources are modelled as discrete-time Markov sources. A matching method to avoid state space explosion for the superposition is applied on the source models. Keywords Connection Admission Control (CAC)...
E. Aarstad, Søren Blaabjerg, Fernando Cerd&
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Authors E. Aarstad, Søren Blaabjerg, Fernando Cerdán, S. Peeters, Kathleen Spaey
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