A calculus and logic of bunched resources and processes

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A calculus and logic of bunched resources and processes
Abstract. Mathematical modelling and simulation modelling are fundamental tools of engineering, science, and social sciences such as economics, and provide decision-support tools in management. Mathematical models are essentially deployed at all scales, all levels of complexall levels of abstraction. Models are often required to be executable, as a simulation, on a computer. We present some contributions to the process-theoretic and logical foundations of discrete-event modelling with resources and processes. Building on previous work in resource semantics, process calculus, and modal logic, we describe a process calculus with an explicit representation of resources in which processes and resources co-evolve. The calculus is closely connected to a substructural modal logic that may be used as a speciļ¬cation language for properties of models. In contrast to earlier work, we formulate the resource semantics, and its relationship with process calculus, in such a way that we obtain sound...
Gabrielle Anderson, David J. Pym
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Type Journal
Year 2016
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Authors Gabrielle Anderson, David J. Pym
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