Camera selection in visual sensor networks

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Camera selection in visual sensor networks
Wireless networks of visual sensors have recently emerged as a new type of sensor-based intelligent system, with performance and complexity challenges that go beyond that of existing wireless sensor networks. The goal of the visual sensor network we examine is to provide a user with visual information from any arbitrary viewpoint within the monitored field. This can be accomplished by synthesizing image data from a selection of cameras whose fields of view overlap with the desired field of view. In this work, we compare two methods for the selection of the camera-nodes. The first method selects cameras that minimize the difference between the images provided by the selected cameras and the image that would be captured by a real camera from the desired viewpoint. The second method considers the energy limitations of the battery powered camera-nodes, as well as their importance in the 3D coverage preservation task. Simulations using both metrics for camera-node selection show a clea...
Stanislava Soro, Wendi B. Heinzelman
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where AVSS
Authors Stanislava Soro, Wendi B. Heinzelman
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