Carpooling: A Step to Reduce Congestion (A Case Study of Delhi)

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Carpooling: A Step to Reduce Congestion (A Case Study of Delhi)
— As is the trend worldwide, India is undergoing rapid urbanization. This means not only that more people than ever before will be living and working in cities, but also that more people and more goods will be making more and longer trips in urban areas. The costs of increasing dependence on cars is resulting in expensive road building and maintenance, clogged and congested roads, high levels of energy consumption along with its economic and environmental costs, worsening air and noise pollution, traffic accidents and social inequities that arise when the poor find transportation services increasingly unaffordable. The most widely used mode of conveyance of public transport in Delhi is “buses”. Thus buses form a backbone of the transportation system in Delhi and serve about half of the travel demand while it constitutes less than 1 % of the total vehicle fleet of Delhi. In spite of this, it does not receive any preferential treatment in terms of traffic management, dedicated lane...
Kum Kum Dewan, Israr Ahmad
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Year 2007
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Authors Kum Kum Dewan, Israr Ahmad
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