A Case for Intelligent Disks (IDISKs)

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A Case for Intelligent Disks (IDISKs)
Abstract: Decision support systems (DSS) and data warehousing workloads comprise an increasing fraction of the database market today. I/O capacity and associated processing requirements for DSS workloads are increasing at a rapid rate, doubling roughly every nine to twelve months [38]. In response to this increasing storage and computational demand, we present a computer architecture for decision support database servers that utilizes "intelligent" disks (IDISKs). IDISKs utilize low-cost embedded general-purpose processing, main memory, and high-speed serial communication links on each disk. IDISKs are connected to each other via these serial links and high-speed crossbar switches, overcoming the I/O bus bottleneck of conventional systems. By off-loading computation from expensive desktop processors, IDISK systems may improve cost-performance. More importantly, the IDISK architecture allows the processing of the system to scale with increasing storage demand.
Kimberly Keeton, David A. Patterson, Joseph M. Hel
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Updated 23 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 1998
Authors Kimberly Keeton, David A. Patterson, Joseph M. Hellerstein
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