A Case Study in Model-Based Adaptation of Web Services

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A Case Study in Model-Based Adaptation of Web Services
Abstract. Developing systems through the composition of reusable software services is not straightforward in most situations since different kinds of mismatch may occur among their public interfaces. Service adaptation plays a key role in the development of such systems by solving, as automatically as possible, mismatch cases at the different interoperability levels among interfaces by synthesizing a mediating adaptor between services. In this paper, we show the application of model-based adaptation techniques for the construction of service-based systems on a case study. We describe each step of the adaptation process, starting with the automatic extraction of behavioural models from existing interface descriptions, until the final adaptor implementation is generated for the target platform.
Javier Cámara, José Antonio Mart&iac
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Javier Cámara, José Antonio Martín, Gwen Salaün, Carlos Canal, Ernesto Pimentel
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