CCD Requirements for Digital Photography

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CCD Requirements for Digital Photography
Digital photography has the potential to supersede conventional film photography. In order to realize this potential, digital photography needs to provide the best image quality and highest utility. We have used our modeling of photographic systems and our experimental measurements of CCDs in order to estimate the photographic potential of specific CCDs. We have also extrapolated the future requirements for CCDs that can compete with film. In order to make meaningful sensitivity comparisons, we have developed a model that can be used to predict the ISO speed potential of a digital camera, based on the characteristics of the CCD. The model is briefly described in the second section of the paper. The model can also be used to qualitatively analyze the effect of CCD parameters on camera performance, and examples of the effects that limited charge capacity have on image quality and read noise have on ISO speed are presented. A simple relationship for the ISO speed in the monochrome case i...
Richard L. Baer
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Year 2000
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