CCS Resource Management in Networked HPC Systems

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CCS Resource Management in Networked HPC Systems
CCS is a resource management system for parallel high-performance computers. At the user level, CCS provides vendor-independent access to parallel systems. At the system administrator level, CCS offers tools for controlling i.e. specifying, con guring and scheduling the system components that are operated in a computing center. Hence the name Computing Center Software". CCS provides: hardware-independent scheduling of interactive and batch jobs, partitioning of exclusive and non-exclusive resources, open, extensible interfaces to other resource management systems, a high degree of reliability e.g. automatic restart of crashed daemons, fault tolerance in the case of network breakdowns. In this paper, we describe CCS as one important component for the access, job distribution, and administration of networked HPC systems in a metacomputing environment.
Axel Keller, Alexander Reinefeld
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Type Conference
Year 1998
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Authors Axel Keller, Alexander Reinefeld
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