CDN brokering

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CDN brokering
Content distribution networks (CDNs) increase the capacity of individual Web sites and attempt to deliver content from caches that are located "closer" to end-users than the origin servers that provide the content. CDN brokering provides CDNs a way to interoperate by allowing one CDN to intelligently redirect clients dynamically to other CDNs. This paper describes the goals, architecture, and performance of a CDN brokerage system. Our system has been deployed on the Internet on a provisional basis, and our architectural ideas have helped advance the evolution of Internet standards for interoperating CDNs.
Alexandros Biliris, Charles D. Cranor, Fred Dougli
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Type Journal
Year 2002
Authors Alexandros Biliris, Charles D. Cranor, Fred Douglis, Michael Rabinovich, Sandeep Sibal, Oliver Spatscheck, Walter Sturm
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