Cell Accelerated Cryoablation Simulation

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Cell Accelerated Cryoablation Simulation
Abstract. Tracking growth of lethal ice is critical to success of percutaneous ablations using supercooled probes introduced into cancerous lesions. Physicians lack planning tools which provide accurate estimation of the ice formation. Simulation is computationally demanding, but must rapid for clinical utility. We develop the computational framework for the simulation, acceleration strategies for multi-core Intel x86 and IBM Cell architectures, and preliminary validation of the simulation. Our data shows streaming SIMD implementation has better performance and scalability, with good agreement between simulation and manually identified ice ball boundaries.
Daniel J. Blezek, David G. Carlson, Lionel T. Chen
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Updated 09 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where CMPB
Authors Daniel J. Blezek, David G. Carlson, Lionel T. Cheng, Jared A. Christensen, Matthew R. Callstrom, Bradley James Erickson
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