The CG Mars Lander

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The CG Mars Lander
The name of the system is \THE CG MARS LANDER", which stands forType Hierarchy Enhanced CGMatching And Retrieval SystemLinear Associative N-tuple Deductive Embedded Representation. The application is text retrieval. The technique involves translation of text fragments into an informationally ordered form (CGs) and retrieval on the induced subsumption ordering. This application is a linearized CG, NLP, query, matching and retrieving system. English discourse is converted into CGs which are stored in an associative database. The hierarchical database is guided by content morphology and associated ontological type hierarchy, to produce a partially ordered \more general than" hierarchy based on subgraph containment. Due to the nature of the ADB a query is answered by being inserted into the DB. The query's successors in the DB are the answers to the query, as well as the (more speci c) retrieved relevancies.
Gil Fuchs, Robert Levinson
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Where ICCS
Authors Gil Fuchs, Robert Levinson
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