The chained-cubic tree interconnection network

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The chained-cubic tree interconnection network
: The core of a parallel processing system is the interconnection network by which the system’s processors are linked. Due to the great role played by the interconnection network’s topology in improving the parallel processing system’s performance, various topologies have been proposed in the literature. This paper proposes a new interconnection network topology, referred to as the chained-cubic tree, in which chains of hypercubes are arranged in a tree structure. The major topological properties of the proposed topology have been investigated, including its diameter, degree, connectivity, bisection width, size, cost, and hamiltonicity. A comparative study is then conducted between the proposed CCT and other interconnection networks’ topologies, including tree and hypercube in order to evaluate the rank occupied by CCT among other well-known topologies in terms of various performance and cost metrics. The concluding results proved that the CCT topology overcomes the shortcoming...
Malak Abdullah, Emad Abuelrub, Basel Mahafzah
Added 29 Aug 2011
Updated 29 Aug 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Authors Malak Abdullah, Emad Abuelrub, Basel Mahafzah
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