Change-Impact Analysis of Firewall Policies

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Change-Impact Analysis of Firewall Policies
Firewalls are the mainstay of enterprise security and the most widely adopted technology for protecting private networks. The quality of protection provided by a firewall directly depends on the quality of its policy (i.e., configuration). Due to the lack of tools for analyzing firewall policies, most firewalls on the Internet have been plagued with policy errors. A firewall policy error either creates security holes that will allow malicious traffic to sneak into a private network or blocks legitimate traffic and disrupts normal business processes, which in turn could lead to irreparable, if not tragic, consequences. A major source of policy errors stem from policy changes. Firewall policies often need to be changed as networks evolve and new threats emerge. In this paper, we first present the theory and algorithms for firewall policy change-impact analysis. Our algorithms take as input a firewall policy and a proposed change, then output the accurate impact of the change. Thu...
Alex X. Liu
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Year 2007
Authors Alex X. Liu
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