Characterizing patient-friendly "micro-explanations"of medical events

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Characterizing patient-friendly "micro-explanations"of medical events
Patients’ basic understanding of clinical events has been shown to dramatically improve patient care. We propose that the automatic generation of very short microexplanations, suitable for real-time delivery in clinical settings, can transform patient care by giving patients greater awareness of key events in their electronic medical record. We present results of a survey study indicating that it may be possible to automatically generate such explanations by extracting individual sentences from consumer-facing Web pages. We further inform future work by characterizing physician and non-physician responses to a variety of Webextracted explanations of medical lab tests. Author Keywords Electronic Medical Records, Personal Health Records ACM Classification Keywords J.3 [Computer Applications] Life Sciences – Health. General Terms Human Factors
Lauren Wilcox, Dan Morris, Desney S. Tan, Justin G
Added 25 Aug 2011
Updated 25 Aug 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where CHI
Authors Lauren Wilcox, Dan Morris, Desney S. Tan, Justin Gatewood, Eric Horvitz
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