Characterizing Secure Dynamic Web Applications Scalability

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Characterizing Secure Dynamic Web Applications Scalability
Security in the access to web contents and the interaction with web sites is becoming one of the most important issues in Internet. Servers need to provide certain levels of security so that the user feels comfortable when running the applications that provide the services he/she requires. HTTP over SSL is the most used solution, providing mutual authentication between the two interacting parts. The SSL protocol does not introduce complexity in web applications but increases the computational demand on the server, reducing its capacity to serve large number of clients and increasing the time to serve them. In order to compensate the degradation in the quality of service, the server needs to be upgraded with additional resources, mainly processors and memory. In this paper we analyze the scalability of servers that run secure dynamic web applications. We analyze how the server behaves when it is stressed with different number of clients and how the quality of service is degraded. We pe...
Jordi Guitart, Vicenç Beltran, David Carrer
Added 25 Jun 2010
Updated 25 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where IPPS
Authors Jordi Guitart, Vicenç Beltran, David Carrera, Jordi Torres, Eduard Ayguadé
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