Checking Equivalence for Reo Networks

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Checking Equivalence for Reo Networks
Constraint automata have been used as an operational model for component connectors described in the coordination language Reo which specifies the cooperation and communication of the components by means of a network of channels. This paper addresses the problem of checking equivalence of two Reo networks. We present a compositional approach for the generation of a symbolic representation of constraint automata for Reo networks and report on an implementation that realizes a partitioning splitter technique for checking bisimulation equivalence for Reo networks. Using a special operator on our symbolic data structure enables efficient treatment of the rich labeled transitions in constraint automata. In order to show the power of this approach we then present some benchmarks.
Tobias Blechmann, Christel Baier
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Tobias Blechmann, Christel Baier
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